We are such stuff as dreams are made on

Hello again… I know, I am back so soon. I seem to have been a buzz with ideas recently and feel the urgent need to share them with you as soon as my fingers will allow. I don’t know if it is the upcoming festive season, the lack of events over the last few years or just my new found insatiable need to socialise but I keep having a repeating fantasy lately. It’s so vivid and etched into my mind that I could almost say that it happened and I am in fact regaling a story, not a dream. 

Let me set the scene. The sun has long set over the city, you are wrapped up in a coat and making your way into London for a night of frivolity. Out there in the cold, cold night is a room containing some of life’s great pleasure wrapped up in silk and lace… a handful of your chosen ladies of the night are in rapturous noise serving up food and laughter whilst dressed in only their finest bedroom attire. A dinner party is afoot and you can only enter in your birthday suit, which you are prepared to de robe as soon as you arrive. The wine is flowing, the desserts are sweet and the woman are wickedly sinful. The anticipation of the nights events have your heart beating like a hummingbird. You inch ever closer to your location, the air on your skin leaving goosebumps in its wake. Is it the frost in the air or is it the energy the ladies are putting out into the universe? You have no idea but you are thrilled non the less. As you stand upon the doorstep to heaven nothing could prepare you for what the night ahead would entail…..

This is an actual dream I had a few days ago. Since I awoke from this heady (and should I say perfect) fantasy I just can’t shake the idea of it from my mind. How exciting it would be, naughty, thrilling and ultimately decadent. All the things we should love and embrace. 

Recently I’ve found myself breaking out of my anti social sludge the pandemic trapped me in. I’ve gone out into the world and made friends and been the social butterfly my soul begs me to be. I forgot how confident I am and how much I enjoy living life to the absolute maximum. Feeling rejuvenated and adventurous I don’t want this social exploration to stop. I want to meet everyone and do everything and live, really live. So now I’m dreaming up scenarios where I get to be the wanton sex goddess I always am but not alone and never bored or scared. Maybe I have finally been liberated from my own restraints or maybe I just really, really want to fill a room full of gorgeous women and celebrate in the only way I know how…. With food, men, music and wine. 

I know this is all fantasy but in broaching this little dream of mine maybe one of you will like it so much you decide to turn it into a reality. I can’t imagine any better way to see out the year than to see it out with the dinner party to end all dinner parties. It would be one for the ages I imagine. At least in my dream it was. It was one helluva dream! 

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