To live is to travel

What a week it has been! I’ve gone through all kinds of worry, will I ever work again? Will I make rent this month? Will I be able to work and travel safely? All these things where in my mind in the run up to the week just passed. They needn’t have been (albeit rent is still a worry). September 2020, after months of unease and being trapped inside my home I managed to travel. And what a journey it was. My first milestone of the year and it felt incredible to finally tick off travel companion. Joining one of my lovers on a little get away to beautiful freedom and romance everywhere.

In a year of ‘almost was’, actually achieving what seemed unattainable is a blessing. I don’t take anything in this world for granted and I can’t express without sounding like a broken record how grateful I am. These are memories that we will keep with us forever, they are moments that are solely ours that we can both look back on with so much joy. I won’t go into details as what happens between us is always sacred, but this little getaway was everything I had hoped it would be and more.

There is something exciting about running away with a lover, its the kind of stuff the greats have written about for a millennia. Two souls crossing borders for secret moments underneath foreign skies. Yep, there is a reason it is written about in great detail. I don’t need to further add to it.

Now I am back in London and find myself genuinely feeling safer. Having travelled and done more in those three days than I’d done in the entirety of the last three months. It’s as if I have unlocked something. Found the answer to feeling more positive about returning to work and resuming a much more pre covid routine.

With that being said my diary is now fully open, for whatever naughty moments you wish to share. Life is to short to be afraid of the unknown. Book the trip, Make dinner plans… Kiss the woman.

With love as always,

Madeleine xx

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