This is not the 2020 energy we where promised… but it’s what we’ve got.

Hello lovers, followers, friends, fans, potential lovers, like minded kinksters and all in between; what a week. Coming into this year we had such hopes, dreamy adventures and big birthdays to celebrate. Instead a not so gentle reminder that we are only human and our own mortality is never promised.

It wasn’t a decision I took lightly or one that is financially viable for me really, but I have chosen to self isolate over the next two weeks, to protect my already fallible lungs from what is being described as a potentially lethal situation. As I’ve always been vocal and expressed my up’s and down’s quite publicly you will know Brexit decimated any savings I did have so as of this moment income is all but gone but I need to prioritise my health as there won’t be any income In the future if I don’t protect myself now.

I have decided to re open bookings for April and onwards with the optimistic hope that the lovers I have and a few who have been debating whether to take the next step, do take those steps and pre book some time together. To entice you in and to hopefully bolster my situation I have put together the following incentives,

For every booking made in advance with at least a 40% deposit I will upgrade your booking in the following ways,

1 hour > 1.5 hour >2 hour > 3 hour > 4 hour > 5 hour > overnight

All overnights booked for April, May and June will be £500 if pre booked in the next two weeks.

On top of these incentives I am actively encouraging people to join up to my onlyfans which has been discounted for the duration, I will be posting on there almost daily for the next two weeks, in app you can message me, we can chat and you can request personal videos and sext sessions for a small fee.

I am also expanding my online work to include Skype chats, phone chats and text chats. Please get In touch… to get in touch with a rather bored and horny isolated beauty.

Stay healthy and make good choices.

See you all very soon.

Madeleine xx

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