Booking couldn’t be easier

Hello again my dearest of readers.

This blog entry I decided to dedicate to a subject I’m sure has been covered many times before by far more fabulous writers than I. Yet still it seems intimidating and appears somewhat difficult.

I am of course talking about booking a companion.

Recently I’ve had a few enquires where the enquirer has been sceptical of screening or stated that my standards are too high for them. I don’t ask for anything different to the standard so why is it still a problem?

Screening is a vital part of keeping oneself as safe as one can. When we ask you to verify you are who you say you are and to provide us with a deposit it is purely to offset the multitude of risks that face all professional companions on a daily basis. We are of course at risk of great harm to ourselves and to our lives outside of escort work. That shouldn’t have to be stated. But what screening also does is protect our time and energy, making sure that we are giving our all to those with good intentions. By this I mean honouring the booking and generally being a decent human being overall. You see that making the booking is the easy part. It’s the rest of the work that you don’t see behind the scenes that is taken into account when we ask for a deposit.

For instance for incalls there is the booking and payment of incall spaces. There may be travel costs incurred, there could even be personal costs for things you wouldn’t even consider but would expect to have access to at the booking, toiletries and such etc… That’s all on top of the costs to maintain our own standards to make sure that we are our best selves at the time of meeting, be that beauty treatments, hair styling, make up costs, lingerie costs etc.. And then on top of even more of that there is the time before a booking which can run into several hours of outfit choosing, play plotting and equipment prep and putting together our best selves to provide you with the ultimate experience.

So when you make that booking we aren’t just committing to that time spent with you, we are committing to the whole package and let’s call it production that goes into it. So when we ask for some form of security that our time isn’t being wasted all of this comes into play, not a huge ask if you ask me now is it?

Booking couldn’t be easier, just screen!

Once you’ve done that sit back and relax because it really is the easy part. The work then begins for us as companions from that moment of confirmation all the way until we do meet and doesn’t stop until sadly we say our goodbyes. Screening is an important part of the date and in doing so without fuss you can make the whole experience joyous…. not only the part where we share a bed (or any other kinky surface). Think of it as foreplay! There is nothing sexier than a man who understands the importance of a smooth booking process. Nothing get’s my temperature up and my thighs rubbing deliciously together like screening + deposit within one or two emails. It really is the hottest of behaviours to pre warm up my body to be conquered by yours.

So what’s stopping you?

It’s as easy as that!

Maddie x

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