As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder….

May the longer nights of winter be filled with all the passionate heat one can muster.

Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a while I know. I must apologise for my absence, it seems 2021 is the year that disappeared before my eyes and now suddenly its the latter days of a whirlwind year and i’m lagging behind in some administrative areas. You will note however that I am not behind on the scandalous frivolity both you and I have come to love. Oh no. Flirtatious and fun as ever I am back on the dance floor and finding my partners to be wonderful and skilled… dancers.

After what appears to have been a rather wet and miserable summer I feel we should breath life… and warmth into what is left of this year. We have the pleasure of longer nights and warm eager bodies clamouring to explore. It would be wrong to deny ourselves the opportunity at hand to right the wrong that was the cold and wet summer by turning the heat up this winter, don’t let the grey skies win!

I initially had plans to be out of the country this month which has now changed, lucky for you. My little black book for November is open and I am feeling far too cold for comfort, in-fact I feel that there is a roaring fire in my soul waiting to be unleashed with willing participants. A roaring fire sounds good actually, it’s been too long since my naked body was perched wanting in front of one. Another crime of the upheaval, don’t you agree?

Let’s imagine the scene shall we?.. My voluptuous skin glimmering with a slight sheen from our *endeavours, patiently waiting for you on the door step of a roaring fire. You appear with two glasses of wine with a mischievous look in your eye. We indulge ourselves in the flesh… of some fresh fruit before devouring the other flesh on offer, again. Now doesn’t that just sound perfect. What does a woman have to do to make this fantasy a reality. Send your answers on a monetary postcard and let’s find out.

Coming back to my recent carnal adventures, I have the feeling that my rather round derriere has been missed. It has been the focal point of many suitors attentions recently, filling my heart with warmth and well yes. It had been feeling rather neglected. And no one wants a neglected pleasure point do they. I am a woman who adores being worshiped from head to toe, actions I always hope to reciprocate in any which way I can. There is a rather delightful kinky mist in the air, men are feeling more adventurous than ever and I am here to say, come forth and let’s play. Do not be scared, adventure is the spice of life and life is nothing without it.

To sign off this little update I will end with a proposition. I propose that we start a fire this winter, let’s burn together.

Maddie xx

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