Another year older, time for a change.

As we come to a close on another turn around the sun I get to share with you all what I’ve been working on. Ever since Madeleine grew into existence I’ve wanted to give myself a home. A place that fully encapsulates who I am and where I am going.

My touring days have come to an end but a new chapter has opened up. It’s with great joy I can finally call myself a fly me to you companion. It took some work and I really had to sit down and envisage where I wanted to take the next few years and what I wanted to achieve. 2019 pre July was one of, if not the hardest starts to a year I have experienced this decade. Life has thrown all it could at me, yet I persevered and kept trying to imagine where Madeleine would be once she had waited out the storm, and right here on this new page is exactly where she wants to be.

A cut back, streamlined website with clean edges, new photos and a calmer more mature energy. We are after all seeing out one chapter and entering a new. I couldn’t have achieved this as effortlessly as I have over the last 24 hours without a single act of magnificent kindness that was bestowed upon me, something I will never forget but also be eternally grateful. is a labour of love, but it is not all I hoped to achieve from this single act of kindness. That though my friends will remain with me. Big things are afoot. I hope that any new comers to my saucy little world are ready as with the last embers of another birthdays fireworks gone out, a new more polished companion has arisen and is ready to conquer new horizons.

Madeleine x

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