A long hot summer deserves the best dates

It’s hot, it’s sticky and it’s draining. I can’t be the only one that finds summer in London hard work? Can I? on a personal level the heat implores me to spend my days being counterproductive and lounging in the nude (or bikini) in the pool or on the grass. Neither of these activities whilst relaxing are making the summer my kind of hot. Guessing from my name I’m sure you will have gathered I’m a fan of the latter seasons and tend to find the colder it is outside the happier I am on the inside, but, this heat does do things to me. like a cat on a hot tin roof I find myself frustrated and angling for the perfect high tempo, heart bracingly clandestine meet I can find.

A long hot summer deserves the best kind of dates, the ones that leave you breathless, speechless and smiling from nibbled ear to nibbled ear. You know the ones, where clothes are not optional they are completely barred, the bed sheets discarded to a darkened corner of a sun soaked room and not one but two even three showers may be needed to wash away all the sins this inexplicable heat wave has lavished upon us.

So I have a deal for you…. I’ll drop £30 off my incall rates for the entirety of summer (until September 1st) and you bring your naughtiest mindset and come to play? Deal? …. I do hope so.

I’m available to get hot and sweaty …. and satisfy all urges in the capital all summer. With a possible duo opportunity mid August with the darling Islay Wild…. what on earth are you waiting for.

– Madeleine xx

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