What is my ideal age in clientele?

I love to meet person’s of all ages, races, size, shapes, religions and star signs. It bares no relevance for me, however I do ask that all clients under 30 be conscientious of my booking procedure.

Do I travel?

I can do, I am available for fly/train/boat/car me to you dates. Please note a 2 hour minimum on notice required for on the day spontaneity.

When am I available? 

In advance…. most days/evenings. On the day bookings can be made but I do require some notice and I can’t always accommodate them. Book in advance when you can to secure our time together. 

For immediate bookings if and when they can be accommodated there is a £50 add on fee as I will have to move my day around and hurry to get ready for whatever naughtiness you had in mind.

If you cancel a booking within 48 hours there is a 50% discretionary cancellation fee requested.

Is health important to you?

Yes, as it should be to you. I do not offer risk filled activities and I get tested regularly.

Do I screen clients?

Absolutely, I value discretion and mine and my lover’s safety. I make sure my time is being dedicated to genuine connections via a simple screening process. 

For longer dates you are required to provide references, however I know everyone has a first time doing something so do not worry we can figure out via our initial communications what screening route would be best. 

For an example my screening process may include, a 20% deposit, a 50% deposit, a copy of your ID, a Linkdin profile or other forms of screening via feedback from a fellow comapanion.

Have I Returned To Date’s yet?

Yes I have. As of summer 2021 I am accepting any and all dates. I am now fully vaccinated and can’t wait to see some old faces again… and meet some new ones.