What is my ideal age in clientele?

I love to meet person’s of all ages, races, size, shapes, religions and star signs. It bares no relevance for me, however I do ask that all clients under 30 be conscientious of my booking procedure.

Do I travel?

I can do, I am available for fly/train/boat/car me to you dates. Please note a 2 hour minimum on notice required for on the day spontaneity.

When am I available? 

In advance…. most days/evenings. On the day bookings can be made but I do require some notice and I can’t always accommodate them. Book in advance when you can to secure our time together. 

For immediate bookings if and when they can be accommodated there is a £50 add on fee as I will have to move my day around and hurry to get ready for whatever naughtiness you had in mind.

If you cancel a booking within 48 hours there is a 50% discretionary cancellation fee requested.

 Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel the date for any reason then I will advise you of the current cancellation policy in place. If you cancel the date with at-least 72 hours notice then all you will lose is your deposit with the option to transfer the deposit over to a new date mutually agreed. If the date is within 72 hours of when you contact me to cancel then I must advise you that your deposit becomes non transferable to a new date and there is a cancellation fee of £50. Why is there a cancellation fee you may ask? Well, I am low volume. If I have given you a date in my dairy that means I really want to meet you but also that no one else can see me at that date and time. If you cancel with short notice that space in my diary that you won likely won’t be filled by anyone else. 

Is health important to you?

Yes, as it should be to you. I do not offer risk filled activities and I get tested regularly.

Do I screen clients?

Absolutely, I value discretion and mine and my lover’s safety. I make sure my time is being dedicated to genuine connections via a simple screening process. 

For longer dates you are required to provide references, however I know everyone has a first time doing something so do not worry we can figure out via our initial communications what screening route would be best. 

For an example my screening process may include, a 20% deposit, a 50% deposit, a copy of your ID, a Linkdin profile or other forms of screening via feedback from a fellow comapanion.

Do I Host Incalls?

Do I host incalls? Short answer, yes. I do not have an incall location at my immediate disposal though. I host my incalls from hotels which require some sort of pre booking so all Incall enquiries must be pre-booked where possible. Due to the fluctuating nature of the incalls i.e location and hotel fees etc.. my incall rates are variable (although my outcall rates listed are a great guide as to what you can expect).

For incalls please use my booking form and provide me with as much detail as possible so that I can get the incall plan together as easily as possible for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Fly Me To You – FAQ

I adore it when you bring me along on a great adventure. But in order to make sure that it is a guaranteed fantastical trip for. both parties and so i am able to craft the most delightful experience for you as possible I have a few requests.  

When you make the initial enquiry if we have not met before I would like to do a short skype/facetime chat. So we can get to know one another and make sure we are a good fit for spending an extended amount of time with one another. Also the pre date flirting really gets my heart fluttering. 

When arranging the travel details I also request to either arrive the day before you do or have an alternte bedroom of my own for the first evening I arrive. (It may never get used but travel can be taxing especially if outside travel delays play a part and I want to be in tip top energy when we finally get our hands on one another).

And finally my last request is that I be allowed minimum two hours each day of the trip to see to personal commitments in business, family and to give myself the appropriate self care time so that our time together will not be interrupted and so I can dedicate my attention solely on you and providing the best experience possible. 

All I ask during our time is that you are respectful, open to adventure and provide three meals a day during our far flung love affair…