Date Donations

London Companionship Donations

A Simple Introduction 1 hour


The perfect little indulgence 1.5 hours


Your place or mine 2 hours


Brains, Beauty and Bold 3 hours


Unforgettable 4 hours


Fully loaded and frankly debauched 5 hours


An early risers rewards from breakfast to dinner


From sun kissed to sunset let’s spend the whole night together



♥  A donation idea suggestion, wondering how you should present the gift when we meet? I’m an avid reader and would love your recommendations, maybe slip the donation into a book and present this to me as a cheeky little idea to be discrete and charm this cheeky little bibliophile.

Want to bring a gift along? Take a look at My Scent’ual Wishlist


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner…. Or maybe all three.

I love to keep things simple, so with that In mind my donation requests for a breakfast, lunch or dinner date are exactly the same. £150


Fly Me To You…. 

For short European breaks the donation requested is £2000 with 50% laid down as a deposit. A short break is between 1-3 days. 

For further afield please add £1000 to the above…

A week long European adventure, the donation requested is £3500 with 50% laid down as a deposit. 

For further afield please add £1000 to the above…

I am however flexible on my travel companion fees as I view it as the greatest gift a date could give me. I live to travel and want to see the world as much as I can in this lifetime. So don’t be put off by my fees being too high or even too low as it has been put to me before, this is because I love meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds, there’s something interesting about everyone and it would be my greatest pleasure to accompany you on a trip somewhere. 

Train Me To You…

I can travel to anywhere within the UK for a date with you… what are you waiting for. 

*Please add £100 plus travel to my standard fees