Companion, Confidant… Temptress

Madeleine De Winter, London Escort and Professional Kinky Girlfriend.

‘Madeleine Is Indulgence Personified, from her soft voluptuous body to her keen mind and somewhat flirtatious nature, let this blonde BBW take you all the way into the fantasy and then tease you back out again. The perfect dinner date companion, a social chameleon adaptable to any kind of adventure and spontaneity is always welcome in and out of the bedroom’

I was in my early twenties when the deep realisation rocked my soul, I had an insatiable sexual appetite, natural born killer charm and a taste for the finer things in life. Combined with an adventurous spirit and constant need to receive and bestow the best kind of attention, my calling could not have been more clear.

Now I am several years into my career as a professional companion, courtesan, harlot, escort, muse, lover, confidant…. There are many names used to describe what I am, none of which I feel fully realises the complexity and the art involved in creating, realising and achieving the ultimate fantasy.

My work is primarily based within the ‘Girl Friend Experience’ or if you prefer GFE. I Do also enjoy and offer light BDSM. I am a member of the most incredible collective Kinky London Escorts (KLE) 

Standing at a rather petite stature you will immediately be drawn to my magnificent curves, my natural waved mermaid hair styled out in the wind, you follow it down to my velvet bosom, then on to my nipped waist and wide hips, a bottom that is so ample it needs to be seen to be believed, down further still to my thick thighs and shapely calves and finally resting on my dainty size 6 feet.

A true Paradigm of femininity.

Madeleine De Winter, Escort, Companion and ConfidantEvery woman starts off somewhere on the path to discovering their inner most desires, I was 25 when I realised my insatiable sexual appetite, charm and taste for the finer things in life would be better wielded in achieving that. I am not your typical woman, nor should you be here if you are searching for the already known. Here you will find a fascinating example of curves, decadence and all round pleasure just waiting for you to dip your toe into its ever adventurous waters and take a stroll into the world of the wonderful Miss De Winter – The Blonde BBW. At 5ft 2 Inches tall I am curvaceous and cute, bursting with curiosity, my long blonde hair naturally curls into a style I refer to as sultry mermaid, on occasion blown out into silken sunlight. My large brown eyes surrounded by an abundance of long thick black lashes shine bright with excitement and never fail in capturing even the luke warm hearts imagination. My body flows with soft pale skin, in the summer the slightest of tan radiates showing off my Mediterranean heritage and emphasising the life that flows through me. I have a blended accent, my northern roots show their face on the occasional word or two, but mostly you’ll find my voice when I whisper in your ear to be seductively well spoken with a strong southern influence. My style is more inclined towards Girl Friend Experience (GFE), or as I prefer it, I am a girl friend for hire. From that moment we meet I am your lover, your friend, your partner in crime and until we part at the end of the date you will feel as though you have been appreciated like you are the man that hung the moon under which we have spent our evening, saying our goodbye’s with a lovers kiss. BBW London Escort GFE BBW London Escort PSE BBW London Escort Kink BBW London Escort Foot Fetish , BBW London Escort Switch, BBW London Escort Submissive, BBW London Escort Disabled Clients, BBW International Escort Travel Companion, BBW London Escort Rimming, BBW London Escort Anal Play, BBW London Escort Social Dates, BBW London Escort Cute, BBW London Escort Nervous Clients, BBW London Escort Nerdy, BBW London Escort Days Out, BBW London Escort Bisexual, BBW London Escort Threesomes, BBW London Escort Oral Fixation, BBW London Escort Slutty, BBW London Escort Big Tummy, BBW London Escort PAWG, BBW London Escort Fat, BBW London Escort Sploshing, BBW London Escort Squishing, BBW London Escort Cuckold, BBW London Escort Dinner Date, BBW London Escort Weekend Getaways, BBW London Escort Sexting BBW, London Escort Erotica, BBW London Escort, BBW London Escort UK, BBW York Escort, BBW Edinburgh Escort, BBW Inverness Escort, BBW Glasgow Escort, BBW Liverpool Escort, BBW Manchester Escort, BBW Leicester Escort, BBW Birmingham Escort, BBW Essex Escort, BBW Surrey Escort, BBW Hampshire Escort, BBW Southampton Escort, BBW Greenwich Escort, BBW London Incalls, BBW London Outcalls, BBW London Escort, Extended Date, BBW Escort UK