Springing into bed together.

Pretty in pink

Let’s set the scene, its spring in the UK, flowers are starting to bloom bright, animals roaming lush green fields, there’s still a crispness to the air and in a little cottage out in the sticks I’m on top a table with your head… or other things between my thighs.

Good, no?

I’m getting very tired and weary of the big city and feel the need to encourage my out of town lovers to step forth and claim a night away with me full of wine, kink, food and all kinds of debauchery.

As is well documented I love overnights, extended dates in general in a neutral space are where I really come alive, meeting my lover at a secluded spot where we can just be ourselves and enjoy one another endlessly is exhilarating. 

Maybe throw a little role-play in, you are the dirty cab driver picking me up from the station who makes his advance as he carries my overnight bag inside, or we could live out my Lady Chatterley fantasy and you could be my Mr Mellors. The possibilities are…. endless. 

So with that being said let me throw some information your way and see if it makes you grab the bull by the horns so to speak.

Spring! British Springtime to be specific is March 1st until May 31st, what if I was to say to you that during this time you could book an overnight with me anywhere in the UK for just £600? This obviously is a huge opportunity not to be missed. I do already have one of these scheduled in my diary which was snapped up as soon as the idea was floated around, I won’t be able to accommodate many of these into my already heavy March schedule but very much do encourage you to make your move. 

I’ve got the wine and toy box ready to go…..

Just need a co conspirator and a destination.

– Madeleine. xx 

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