Sexual Awakenings

We’ve all had one, what was yours?

This subject is something I always find interesting, each person has a different origin story. A different moment in time where they went, ‘this, I love this, more of this’. Be that a horny teenager in high school, a free student finally out of the family home and discovering the world or where you a late bloomer? I want to know! Tell me your stories!

Because I find this subject so fascinating I’ve decided it is going to be the focus of the inaugural week of new creative content on my soon to be re launched patreon. Not only will there be in in depth blog post and short erotic story I’ll be launching my new weekly podcast recanting my own ‘origin story’ in all it’s glory. I’m as you may think super nervous but also excited about this new creative venture. I’ve never been one to half arse anything, if you’ve read my erotic fiction you’ll know they come in at least 3 pages long with a fully fleshed out story. So when deciding how to re launch my online creative focus I decided to do everything I had thought about doing. Why hold back when I can have a slice of all the things that interest me and hopefully in turn, interest you too.

The plan right now is to get a weeks worth of goodies completely and uploaded before I start telling twitter about it…. but it is up and live now if any enquiring minds want to get a jump start and be there in the press pit for when I drop this weeks tid bits.

So let’s go on a journey, I’ll tell you my origin story…. I do hope you will share with me yours in person one day, over dinner in a dark secluded corner so I can put my hand on your knee under the table and coax it out of you.

I do love coaxing things out of people.

All my love, Madeleine x

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