Sex Party’s, Yay! or Nay?

I was brought up in a very sexualised environment, sex party’s where the norm and group activities not at all taboo. I remember being 14 and finding photo’s of my mother with a dog collar on and a female dominatrix, my godparent and a step parent all engaging in rather kinky activities, shocking as it was at the time, I do feel a little privileged that I was brought up knowing what awaited me when I discovered my own sexual identity. 

I took part in my first orgy aged just 18 which may come as a shock to anyone who knows me as I’ve not been involved in a group romp for at least a decade. I guess you could say I was more liberated In my youth, even more free than I am now as a rampant sex pot ducking and diving from hotel room to swanky apartment the city over on any given night of the week. I miss the wild me, the woman who never had enough attention and whose sexual energy could incite a fuck fest that would be spoken about in heated whispers for weeks.

Alas thinking back over the past adventures, remembering kissing one hot mouth and then another, moving onto my back and discovering a new energy yet to be explored, one unaccompanied hand travelling up my thigh whilst my hands caressed and toyed with another soft body resting against mine, his mouth on me, my mouth on her, her mouth… well you get the picture.

Discussing this earlier with a fellow companion who happens to be an utterly devilish sex pot, we threw out into the universe the idea that maybe as part of my birthday celebrations this year we should absolutely do just that, throw a sex party. As I enter my sexual prime and usher In a new decade of debauchery what better way than to gather together some kinky and fun individuals for an intimate little soiree somewhere in the countryside…. Would people want to come, how would we go about putting this together, what number do we go for and what B/G ration will be the most fun. So many ideas, a lot to discuss.

So how about it? 

Do you want in on some light BDSM and erotic fuckery? 

Send in an enquiry… let’s see if we can make this sex dream a reality and celebrate my reconnection to fun activities of the past, I want to welcome sex party’s back into my life, won’t you come along with me?


4 thoughts on “Sex Party’s, Yay! or Nay?”

  1. I think it’s a great idea. I’ve never been to a sex party but it’s something I’d love to experience and I’m inclined to think there’s quite a few people like minded people out there. As for putting it together it’s a big job. Locations, furnishings (e.g. cushions etc.), comdoms. Maybe get a pro to organise it depends on your funding. Probably get people to pay to go. Usually helps 😉.
    How many people you want is only limited by the health and safety rules of where ever you hire unless your at someone’s house.
    As for boy girl ratio is your party baby you decide tho I’d imagine a 50/50 would work best. Your don’t won’t loads of guy and just few guys, well some people might.

    1. Well firstly I think we where thinking a small group, maybe two or three companions and maybe two trusted dates.

      In terms of the requirements, professionals that we are, are always fully stocked when it comes to those things you listed.

      Very much a more relaxed affair, very intimate and of course celebratory.

      Madeleine x

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