Pandemic Pondering and Post Pandemic Plans

When life gives you lemons…. What do you do… well halfway through making the lemonade I realised I needed to take a breath and put myself and those lemons in a safe space, just for a little while. 

Thanks to someone rather amazing I was able to take time out, which really, truly was needed. I’ve always found it hard to balance work and life, the more work I have the happier I am. Taking it away left me capsized in choppy seas, not waving but drowning as the poem goes. Powering through the days writing, trying to force the optimism on myself until I began to believe all would be okay seemed a good option. Problem was It never quite stuck and as soon as there was a problem it all came crashing in. 

Fortunately, I was supported and quite frankly extremely privileged in that I could lay down the battle armour and walk away from the fight for a month. Yet it was never supposed to be a month, a week maybe two. The second I lay down and started to breath deeply again, switching off from a job and a world I’ve been a constant part of for four years and began taking stock of the other me, the me that only a select few get to meet. That me, needed it. Then just like that it was a month later and with the shock that I’d needed that long out, came the shock that I’d not worked on anything and really needed to catch up.

Catching up I’m doing at my own pace, thankfully those of you with commissions with me know the behind the scenes what’s what and have been wonderful to allow me the time I need to get myself back into Madeleine and this little clandestine offering. 

But most importantly I do now have a clear idea of what coming back will be, how to move forward post lockdown and reintroduce dates old friends and new back into the equation. Truth being told none of us have any clue what post lockdown Britain will be, what is allowed, where the line will be drawn and just what if anything will return to ‘normal’. So considering all options and allowing myself flexibility I have drafted together a plan of sorts. When I do commence dates again, which I am now accepting pre bookings for where there will be a kind of waiting list, with a tbd date once we know we can see friends again. Furthermore I will altering my rates, yes they are raising albeit only slightly but this is to help allow me to limit interactions yet still make my bills, this is even more important considering my next point, I will no longer be offering one hour dates. When I do re open the door so to speak, dates will be available for 2+ hours only until further notice, this is also again to limit interactions and make sure I’m staying a safe as I can, shorter dates will resume one day (I promise) but until then longer dates are the priority and my one date a day rule will still apply.

And a final note is that I am now and will be for the foreseeable, pre booking only. All dates must be booked in advance, this is to allow me a better balance but to also have more control over my work life and of course to keep dates as safe as possible. 

I can’t wait to be back with my favourites, my lovers, my friends… my absolute heroes during this pandemic. 

I owe you everything.

Madeleine xx

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