Falling into bed together, again.

Falling into bed together. You remember those days don’t you, or is it the nights. Hot blistering summer nights. You can barely cope with the heat from each others skin, but you are driven on with an intense need to feel your companion no matter what degree the thermostat is displaying. The nights when languishing in the moment is almost forced upon you by nature. 

I miss those nights.

I miss burying my face into the pillow, mostly through pleasure but a little to mop up the beads of sweat our devious activities are causing. Having to order more champagne because we crave the cool feeling of it as we swallow it down and because we have other ideas for the accompanying ice in said bucket. These are the things I miss about summer in 2020. The ghosts of summers past lingering on my skin with each blow of the fan reminding me I’m sat here unkissed and unsatisfied for the first summer of my adult life, but we do it for the good of everyone. That’s why taking a measured approach was my only answer to the burning question. How do I return to work with minimal risk, for everyone? 

Gingerly dipping a toe in at first, I started with one date…. I then accepted a second and then a month in my third came. (two with the same dear lover) This was the best way for me, I needed to balance my own fear for my own safety with my need to return to work AND also think about my clients health which in doing so also their friends and families. It’s a balancing act, one so precarious and changeable at a moment’s news bulletin. 

Do I feel any safer now? I do. Do I think it’s completely safe to drop all safeguards and return to life as it was before, no I do not. My plan to move forward with a little more availability has not changed but it will require some patience. I’ve been rather startled and amazed by the recent influx of emails regarding on the day immediate dates…. Something I genuinely hated unless specified on my ads pre pandemic. Are people unaware that we are still in a pandemic and that maybe a tad more caution when arranging your fun will result in safer practices for all. I would approach a date with a companion the same way I would approach any other service. Check their safety protocol on their advertisement, make sure that I could adhere to it and then enquire about their future availability. As we all know most hairdressers are running at limited capacity and currently booked out for days, this is the same structure across most service providers. I am working at limited capacity and my availability is currently weeks away.

I know it’s frustrating, as a lover only recently mentioned to me how frustrated he is. We all are. But right now is the time to take little steps and not leap straight into the deep end. Just so we can all survive to make passionate and sweaty sex again in the future. I know I personally would rather like to live a little longer, I’ve barely done half the things I want to do and very little of what I should. 

That isn’t to say it’s all bad news. From September fifth I’ll be more frequently available, I have two dates a week as a sort of plan in my mind right now. This does mean I have more availability and more flexibility, I would even go as far as to suggest it will be the closest to normal I think we can get. I for one am looking forward to Autumn, I’m hopeful, cautiously optimistic and to be honest ready to have more fun. It’s been a long, long six months…… but we will get there, in the end.

Dates from September 5th are now available to pre book.

Even better if you want to take advantage of my incredibly low travel companion rates and rescue us both from our island prison to somewhere that can only be described as….. idyllic or possible even tropical. 

Hopefully I will get to see you in the Autumn and we can make up for all the time we have lost. Work out all those frustrations and orgasm endlessly until all thoughts of pandemic, or any other of the nightmarish things we’ve been plagued with completely wash away.

All my love, as always 

Madeleine xx

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