Anal Sex? Oh God Yes!

Let’s be honest, not every woman is into it, I can understand why but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely love anal. I do, in my personal life I like a good amount of stimulation to all pleasure areas regularly to feel content and satisfied, so why is it I don’t do more of it with my professional play dates and how is best to go about making the most amazing anal sex happen?

The great thing about anal is for me the completely letting go of any kind of stress or tension your body may be holding and being so relaxed you can really feel and enjoy everything x10, there is of course for women the ‘anal orgasm’ which I’ve only recently figured out a sure fire way for myself to achieve and by god is it good, think about having an orgasm in the usual way but it’s simultaneously happening in two parts of your body and spreading throughout from the tips of your toes to the hair on your head, it’s the kind of orgasm you really want to achieve. 

Of course with anal there is always the prep needed first, this is the same with any guys who request pegging or anal play, there is a level of mess to anal I don’t think anyone is okay with, so always make sure you go about the prep the right way before hand, it’s not something you would do spur of the moment which is why I don’t allow anal for last minute dates, which I rarely do these days anyway; it really is a case of ‘there is a process you need to go through to prepare for it’ and without a pre booking that process will not have been thought about, it’s very important to me that my play dates are fun and exciting with minimal stress factors, ‘no preparation’ would be a stress factor, so if anal is your thing, I can not stress this enough, raise it in your communications and PRE BOOK. It is the only surefire way for it to be considered. With that I come to my second point about anal and why even though it’s one of my favourite activities I don’t always do it with date’s and that’s because I really do need to be relaxed, unfortunately this can’t always be the case, our energies may not gel well together, I might have had a stressful day or maybe your manhood is simple too big, there are so many variables which is why it makes it for me all the more fun when we meet if we do click, the preps been done and within minutes you are sliding that covered up length slowly into my very tight and warm taboo pleasure area and I’m barely making any coherent conversation as I’m completely overtaken by the sheer ecstasy of it all. So with that being said my stance on anal bookings is rather simple, I would love to, but if it doesn’t work out during the session it’s not because I don’t want to, I will do my best to prepare and as always make sure we are both as comfortable as possible but if your (insert eggplant emoji)  is 8 inches and ‘girthy’, the chances are it’s possibly not going to work out, at the end of the day anal is about pleasure, it’s about doing something taboo and kinky that feels so damn good it makes you want to be bad everyday, but in order to achieve that communication is key and if it hurts someone or if you don’t know about anal foreplay then it’s something that can go very wrong. 

You’ve just heard me mention anal foreplay and I would love to take a second to dive into that very important bit of world rocking information, like general foreplay it is so important! It’s 2020, can you stop trying to just stick your dick’s inside people dry please and thank you, there really needs to be lubrication first. Natural lubrication is different person to person, I get so ridiculously wet I genuinely could be mistaken for a slip and slide, but you really do have to put a little work in. Without foreplay there can be tearing and injury plus condoms can split and absolutely nobody wants that. And why skip foreplay when it’s so much fun, it makes the actual sex part… even better. Mouth’s, hand’s, toy’s everywhere, building the tension, spurring on the arousal and making sure that whatever you follow it up with, it will be spectacular. With anal I find the best foreplay for me is a guy working my (Insert peach emoji) with his mouth and hands first, relaxing it and building the tension up before stretching me a little with one of my many toys, be that dildo, plug or peg, before moving onto, with some added lubrication the pièce de résistance, the true highlight of the play time, when your hard (eggplant emoji) pushes past any relaxed barrier I may hold and glides in to what would be applause in visceral moaning. 

And there we have it, yes please to anal but always bring it up for discussion, don’t be shy but also don’t presume. 

I’ve had a bit of an anal hard on recently myself and very much am taking dates enquires very seriously for what can only be described as the ultimate penetrative act.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I’m a tad hot under collar now and need to go cool down.

(and yes I deliberately didn’t use the emoji’s but you get the picture)

Madeleine x

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