Staycation, you and I.


Just because travel is limited doesn’t mean the fun stops.

Dreaming of waking up next to me, a new bed, a different environment and a dash of adventure? Just because international travel may be off the cards it doesn’t mean we don’t get to escape somewhere beautiful. I’ve recently found myself pining away for parts of the UK I’m yet to explore. I’ve been a resident here my entire life, all three decades of it. Yet there is so much of it still I haven’t seen or experienced….. and how better to do that than with your wonderful company.

Whether you are already in a part of the country you want me to see and want to act as my own personal tour guide or if you want to run away with me and see somewhere new for yourself with me by your side. There is always a way to make the most delightfully wicked plans come together so that we can very literally cum together…. on a staycation to remember. 

My bucket list currently included Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Bristol and the Scottish Isles but I’m sure there are places all over the country that will be memorable with you by my side.

To bring me to your part of the world for a mini staycation I would ask for a fee of £2500 for three days.

To book a VIP staycation and accompany me to anywhere of our choosing for a mini staycation at only a premium local, I would ask for £3500 for three days.

I’m quite flexible and I’m sure longer dates can be arranged, or even different proposals. Have an idea or a dream you want fulfilled, get in touch and I’ll give you the completely tailored personal quote and hopefully wet your appetite for what fun could be had away on a staycation with me.

I’m sure we will be seeing one another very soon…..