Arrange your perfect date with me ....

London Companionship Donations

*Please see page 2020 for full breakdown but know my shortest dates are £150 and my most indulgent are £900

♥  A donation idea suggestion, wondering how you should present the gift when we meet? I’m an avid reader and would love your recommendations, maybe slip the donation into a book and present this to me as a cheeky little idea to be discrete and charm this cheeky little bibliophile.




Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner…. Or maybe all three.

I love to keep things simple, so with that In mind my donation requests for a breakfast, lunch or dinner date are exactly the same. £150

If you wanted to extend our time together into a room, another room with possible bed and maybe a very sturdy chair… then just add the above fee to any of my private date fee’s on the 2020 page in regards to how much time you wish to spend *cough* getting acquainted. 

Fly Me To You…. 

For short European breaks the donation requested is £1000 with 50% laid down as a deposit. A short break is between 1-3 days. 

For further afield please add £500 to the above…

A week long European adventure, the donation requested is £2500 with 50% laid down as a deposit. 

For further afield please add £500 to the above…

I am however flexible on my travel companion fees as I view it as the greatest gift a date could give me. I live to travel and want to see the world as much as I can in this lifetime. So don’t be put off by my fees being too high or even too low as it has been put to me before, this is because I love meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds, there’s something interesting about everyone and it would be my greatest pleasure to accompany you on a trip somewhere. 

Train Me To You…

I can travel to anywhere within the UK for a date with you… what are you waiting for. 

*Please add £200 plus travel to my fee’s in the left hand column.

How about a short mini break in the UK?

1-3 days mini break, £700 with a 20% deposit laid down at time of booking.

A week long excursion, £1500 with a 20% deposit laid down at time of booking.

*Please note there is a three hour minimum on national train me to you’s.

Helpful links of things I love for short date deposits (1 – 2 hours)

As you may know the pandemic has been especially hard on the self employed, a category which I most definitely fall into. As hard as things have been I’ve managed to keep afloat throughout but have at times found myself struggling for essentials which you take for granted. With this in mind I’ve listed below some gift cards that would really help me right now, in more ways than I can say. Even if it’s just a little support it will no doubt go a long way. I hope you are able to enjoy my work and my content even if we can’t meet yet, I’m doing my upmost to keep creating. 

Please email to –