My preferred area of expertise has always been in providing the most sensual and rewarding girl friend experience (GFE) possible. I am a Cancerian with a strong emotional will, passionate and known to be the sign guiding all great lovers, true to stereotype I am completely taken by my senses and prefer to caress and kiss endlessly into the night. Extended Dates are where my skills truly shine.


As an accomplished lover I have, over the years, developed a keen interest in pleasure. I have a vast selection of lingerie and toys that we can enjoy together. Whether you prefer the girl next door, arty intellectual or confident refined bombshell I am always capable of delivering the whole package. 


Where as some may identify as one thing or the other I do not, I find confining yourself to boxed ideas to not be fitting to who I am. I’ve never liked conforming…

I am neither Domme nor Sub, I have inclinations towards both. I am more naturally submissive in my erotic rendezvous, however I do not play ‘Sub games’, I am also not a pro Domme or a stern one. I much prefer to coax and tease men playfully into submission… and ecstasy.


‘Have you ever wondered what would happen if left alone in a room with a lioness?… Do not let my quintessentially English demeanour fool you, a sharp mind surrounded by soft flesh and a mischievous giggle are all quietly distracting you from  a deep rooted devilish taste for debauchery. There has always been an element of mystery surrounding me, from my blended accent to my international features, my taste for the finer things and my creative aspirations. So you may wonder how I came to be Madeleine, that story starts with some simple realisations. I adore men, I love to touch them, kiss them, caress them, please them, tease and toy with them and even quite possibly, with their encouragement hurt them. If you are looking for someone who will surround you in their soft embrace whilst indulging your greatest fantasies then I very much am your woman.

‘I am always learning and evolving, one of the great joys in this world of ours is that there is this exploratory beating heart that powers us to experience all kinds of pleasure, When I started out I was convinced I was a submissive, until I took control one evening and indulged my lovers curiosity and discovered another facet to my ever changing skill set. I’ve been a professional courtesan for many years now but have kept my kink work very much like a private little members club, until recently…  what we do together during our adventure is for you and I to share, this intimacy is something I strive for, I view kink as a very intimate exercise and to go on that journey together is almost liberating. I am a more playful switch, flirtatious, giggly, teasing and full of caresses, my short stature and cute demeanour can almost take you off guard, I want to get to know you and discover who you are deep down inside. With a wicked imagination and a bratty sub side you are invited over to discover the wild side, let me take you on a journey and create a safe space where we can indulge our desires.’

As of Winter 2019 I am a member of KLE Collective, I can’t wait to see what we can explore together. 

Do I Meet With Disabled Clients?

Yes! Anyone with a good energy is welcome to enquire with me. I am verified and registered on the TLC – Trust website as a provider who works with client with disabilities. 


TLC Trust Profile

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