Christmas and New Year 2020

Christmas 2020

Well…. 2020, what can I say that hasn’t already been said. I’m sure the feeling is very much mutual. So what can we do to make sure it ends on a high (relative.. compared to the rest of 2020), well we can definitely make plans to see it out in only the best way we can. Together, naked and getting up to all the things sure to wind us both up on the naughty list. 

In the season of giving and with our new normal of minimising risk and making sure we don’t over share ourselves I’ve decided to launch my December diary a little early and with some delightful incentives to give those of you eyeing me up a little nudge. I am hoping to see family this December so my availability needs to be snapped up asap so I can secure my plans with them. So…. We best get a move on then. 

December Dates!

Book a two hour + date and get a free social date (Be that dinner or just drinks, before or after) added on!

Even better yet….. All December dates booked in advance of December… 20% off. 

You get the champagne on ice and I’ll bring dessert… Me.  xx

And for those wondering, yes there is a secret Christmas Wishlist

Have I been naughty enough? That’s the question!