Pandemic Pondering and Post Pandemic Plans

When life gives you lemons…. What do you do… well halfway through making the lemonade I realised I needed to take a breath and put myself and those lemons in a safe space, just for a little while.  Thanks to someone rather amazing I was able to take time out, which really, truly was needed. I’ve always found it hard to balance work and life, the more work I have the happier I am. TakingRead moreRead more

This is not the 2020 energy we where promised… but it’s what we’ve got.

Hello lovers, followers, friends, fans, potential lovers, like minded kinksters and all in between; what a week. Coming into this year we had such hopes, dreamy adventures and big birthdays to celebrate. Instead a not so gentle reminder that we are only human and our own mortality is never promised. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly or one that is financially viable for me really, but I have chosen to self isolate over theRead moreRead more

Springing into bed together.

Let’s set the scene, its spring in the UK, flowers are starting to bloom bright, animals roaming lush green fields, there’s still a crispness to the air and in a little cottage out in the sticks I’m on top a table with your head… or other things between my thighs. Good, no? I’m getting very tired and weary of the big city and feel the need to encourage my out of town lovers to stepRead moreRead more

Anal Sex? Oh God Yes!

Let’s be honest, not every woman is into it, I can understand why but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely love anal. I do, in my personal life I like a good amount of stimulation to all pleasure areas regularly to feel content and satisfied, so why is it I don’t do more of it with my professional play dates and how is best to go about making the most amazing anal sexRead moreRead more

Sex Party’s, Yay! or Nay?

I was brought up in a very sexualised environment, sex party’s where the norm and group activities not at all taboo. I remember being 14 and finding photo’s of my mother with a dog collar on and a female dominatrix, my godparent and a step parent all engaging in rather kinky activities, shocking as it was at the time, I do feel a little privileged that I was brought up knowing what awaited me whenRead moreRead more