Anal Sex? Oh God Yes!

Let’s be honest, not every woman is into it, I can understand why but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely love anal. I do, in my personal life I like a good amount of stimulation to all pleasure areas regularly to feel content and satisfied, so why is it I don’t do more of it with my professional play dates and how is best to go about making the most amazing anal sexRead moreRead more

Sex Party’s, Yay! or Nay?

I was brought up in a very sexualised environment, sex party’s where the norm and group activities not at all taboo. I remember being 14 and finding photo’s of my mother with a dog collar on and a female dominatrix, my godparent and a step parent all engaging in rather kinky activities, shocking as it was at the time, I do feel a little privileged that I was brought up knowing what awaited me whenRead moreRead more

2019 A year end review

A look back at an unforgettable year. Twenty Nineteen, two thousand and nineteen… the end of a decade, what are we calling it, the teens? The tens? I Personally would go with the former as this year has been much like your teenage years, a year of transition in many ways. So many up’s and down’s it been like sitting on a broken high speed rollercoaster with no way of getting off.  This year wasRead moreRead more

A long hot summer deserves the best dates

It’s hot, it’s sticky and it’s draining. I can’t be the only one that finds summer in London hard work? Can I? on a personal level the heat implores me to spend my days being counterproductive and lounging in the nude (or bikini) in the pool or on the grass. Neither of these activities whilst relaxing are making the summer my kind of hot. Guessing from my name I’m sure you will have gathered I’mRead moreRead more

Another year older, time for a change.

As we come to a close on another turn around the sun I get to share with you all what I’ve been working on. Ever since Madeleine grew into existence I’ve wanted to give myself a home. A place that fully encapsulates who I am and where I am going. My touring days have come to an end but a new chapter has opened up. It’s with great joy I can finally call myself aRead moreRead more