Anal Sex? Oh God Yes!

Let’s be honest, not every woman is into it, I can understand why but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely love anal. I do, in my personal life I like a good amount of stimulation to all pleasure areas regularly to feel content and satisfied, so why is it I don’t do more of it with my professional play dates and how is best to go about making the most amazing anal sexRead moreRead more

Sex Party’s, Yay! or Nay?

I was brought up in a very sexualised environment, sex party’s where the norm and group activities not at all taboo. I remember being 14 and finding photo’s of my mother with a dog collar on and a female dominatrix, my godparent and a step parent all engaging in rather kinky activities, shocking as it was at the time, I do feel a little privileged that I was brought up knowing what awaited me whenRead moreRead more