Springing into bed together.

Let’s set the scene, its spring in the UK, flowers are starting to bloom bright, animals roaming lush green fields, there’s still a crispness to the air and in a little cottage out in the sticks I’m on top a table with your head… or other things between my thighs. Good, no? I’m getting very tired and weary of the big city and feel the need to encourage my out of town lovers to stepRead moreRead more

Anal Sex? Oh God Yes!

Let’s be honest, not every woman is into it, I can understand why but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely love anal. I do, in my personal life I like a good amount of stimulation to all pleasure areas regularly to feel content and satisfied, so why is it I don’t do more of it with my professional play dates and how is best to go about making the most amazing anal sexRead moreRead more