Guess who's turning 30....... and things are going to get very flirty!

This is the year, the big one, the main event, the final countdown…the end and the beginning of an era. I’m turning 30 *(insert fireworks and thumping dance music). I know, I can barely believe it myself.

In honour of the end of my 20’s and welcoming in what I’ve heard will be some of the best years of my life I’ve decided to kick it off with a bang… or two or three. I’ve put together a vast range of special Dirty and Flirty 30! dates and ideas to help make 2020 just THE BEST YEAR EVER.

So come and join me won’t you?

As this is my last ‘big birthday’ for another decade… I’ve also put together a 20’s/date bucket list which would be amazing if we can tick at least one thing off there before this year is out.  I can’t wait to see just how dirty, flirty and all kinds of thirsty we can make the start of my….. Thirties!

– Madeleine x

Dirty 30! Dates, Mates and Rates

♥ All dates over 2 hours including dinner dates and overnights are 30% off, this is to say thanks to all my lovers who have supported me over the years and also tempt some new ones into helping me celebrate a milestone this summer!

Don’t delay, drop me a message and let’s have some fun! I know my schedule for the whole of 2020 so taking dates here there and everywhere, forward planning and organisation is super HOT. The anticipation! The choosing of lingerie and toys! The knowledge that orgasms are guaranteed…. HOT.

♥ Tip 30 and get all flirty – Make my heart patter and tip me £30 and you’ll get an extra 30 minutes added onto your booking, this is an on the day event and relies on your spontaneity, surprise me and I’ll surprise you right back. 

♥ I’m turning 30 and I’ve never done a duo! This can’t go on! Anyone who books me a duo with one or all of my incredibly hot friends will get a free 30 minute add on to their next solo date with me. Make my duo dreams come true.


Flirty and Dirty Donations

♥ 1 hour £130

♥ 1.5 Hour £180

♥ 2 Hour £230

♥ 3 hour £330

♥ 4 hour £430

♥ Overnight £930

♥ The ultimate 3.0 day weekend £3000


For dinner dates, social rates and all other kinds of debauchery you can think of please contact me for a bespoke quote.

For outcalls….. Add 30! 



Thirsty 30 Bucket List!

Give me dates, give me dates, give me….

If I can tick just one thing off this list I will be eternally grateful and it will be the best birthday a woman could hope for. Here are date ideas, achievements I want to unlock and material things that would make my birthday extra special. I fully intend on fulfilling all of these myself but as always some of these things on the list are best enjoyed with intoxicating company. Be my partner in crime? 

  • Afternoon tea at The Ritz
  • An F1 race
  • The Opera
  • My first pair of Louboutin shoes
  • An actual grown up purse
  • A duo with one of my lovely friends
  • Overnight date at London Zoo
  • A ride on London Eye
  • Dinner in the Shard
  • The sky garden
  • Swingers Club
  • A boat down the Thames at sunset
  • As a lifetime Manchester City fan I would love to be taken to a box to watch them play
  • A musical production at the Royal Albert Hall
  • My first fly me to you
  • A stay at The Witchery 
  • Membership/access to the London Whisky Club

Restaurant Bucket List



A. Wong

The Clove Club




Fancy Crab


*Already planning a visit here for my 30th in the summer, if you wanted to join me for this very special dinner…… you are very welcome. 

30 Ways to make me smile on my birthday

  1. Make a donation to the Trussell Trust
  2. Make a donation to Mind
  3. Make a donation to Crisis
  4. Make a donation to Child Bereavement UK
  5. Make a donation to Forever Manchester
  6. Make a donation to LGBT Foundation
  7. Make a donation to Stonewall
  8. Make a donation to Papyrus
  9. Make a donation to SoBS
  10. Make a donation to NSPCC
  11. Make a donation to GOSH
  12. Make a donation to Save the Children
  13. Make a donation to Rainbow Trust
  14. Make a donation to Action for children
  15. Make a donation to SWARM
  16. Make a donation to SCOT-PEP
  17. Make a donation to NUM
  18. Make a donation to Cancer research UK
  19. Make a donation to Marie Curie 
  20. Make a donation to THT
  21. Make a donation to Acting for others
  22. Make a donation to Art Fund
  23. Make a donation to Create Arts
  24. Make a donation to Shelter
  25. Make a donation to Talbot House
  26. Make a donation to RECLAIM
  27. Make a donation to Trauma AID UK
  28. Make a donation to Mustard Tree
  29. Make a donation to National Autistic Society
  30. Make a donation to Child Autism
If you include a screen shot of your donation in your enquiry for a date with me at any time during 2020 I will reduce the fee I ask for by 10% 

Here's to a fantastic 2020, may it be filled with adventure and a whole heap of fun.