Well this year certainly falls under the 'unpredictable' category.

This is the year, the big one, the main event, the final countdown…the end and the beginning of an era. I’m turning 30 *(insert fireworks and thumping dance music). I know, I can barely believe it myself.

little did I know when I set this up, spent months planning and finalising 2020, way back when in 2019, just what this year would bestow upon us. The world grinding to a halt as a moment of history swept over us all and brought with it darkness to many. 

Now as the light begins to break and we look towards moving forwards, things will not be as they where before, but the passion Is still here, the love I have for you all is still here and I am very much, still here.

– Madeleine x

Due to the pandemic and my care for the wellbeing of my lovers I immediately ceased in person work way back in Mid March. I am one of the lucky ones who has not been in contact with the unmentionable, self isolation has been a hurdle in itself, there where genuine moments where I felt a loss akin to loosing a loved one just by being by myself everyday. 

I took a complete break from Madeleine for my own good, knowing full well I could step back in when the time was right and things where looking brighter for all. 

Due to the new world we now all inhabit I have re structured my dates available, including durations and fees etc.. This may seem a huge change but it is done in mind with the health crisis and being able to provide as safe of an experience as possible, easing back into the joys we all once indulged in. 

For the time being my minimum date will be 2 hours, this is to allow me to support myself whilst limiting exposure and therefore being less of a risk to myself and my lovers. Your safety is my priority alongside my own.

I have always been a quality over quantity kind of gal, never more than one lover in a 24 hour period, I will be taking this a little further initially, from June 1st I’ll be accepting one date a week until gradually easing back into the life we all miss and hope to one day enjoy once more. 

I can’t wait to be back in your arms and for you to be back in mine.

– Madeleine xx

2 hour date – £250

3 hour date – £350

4 hour date – £450

5 hour date – £550

Overnight date – £900


Birthday Gifting

Gifts are never expected but always appreciated, if I am lucky enough to be deserving of your kindness please find below my personally tailored birthday wish lists and gift card options filled with all sorts of treats that I love, which enrich life and help hobbies and interests bloom.





John Lewis


Thirsty 30 Bucket List!

Give me dates, give me dates, give me….

If I can tick just one thing off this list I will be eternally grateful and it will be the best birthday a woman could hope for. Here are date ideas, achievements I want to unlock and material things that would make my birthday extra special. I fully intend on fulfilling all of these myself but as always some of these things on the list are best enjoyed with intoxicating company. Be my partner in crime? 

  • Afternoon tea at The Ritz
  • An F1 race
  • The Opera
  • My first pair of Louboutin shoes 
  • An actual grown up purse
  • A duo with one of my lovely friends
  • Overnight date at London Zoo
  • A ride on London Eye
  • Dinner in the Shard
  • The sky garden
  • Swingers Club
  • A boat down the Thames at sunset
  • As a lifetime Manchester City fan I would love to be taken to a box to watch them play
  • A musical production at the Royal Albert Hall
  • My first fly me to you
  • A stay at The Witchery 
  • Membership/access to the London Whisky Club

Restaurant Bucket List



A. Wong

The Clove Club




Fancy Crab


*Already planning a visit here for my 30th in the summer, if you wanted to join me for this very special dinner…… you are very welcome. 

30 Ways to make me smile on my birthday

  1. Make a donation to the Trussell Trust
  2. Make a donation to Mind
  3. Make a donation to Crisis
  4. Make a donation to Child Bereavement UK
  5. Make a donation to Forever Manchester
  6. Make a donation to LGBT Foundation
  7. Make a donation to Stonewall
  8. Make a donation to Papyrus
  9. Make a donation to SoBS
  10. Make a donation to NSPCC
  11. Make a donation to GOSH
  12. Make a donation to Save the Children
  13. Make a donation to Rainbow Trust
  14. Make a donation to Action for children
  15. Make a donation to SWARM
  16. Make a donation to SCOT-PEP
  17. Make a donation to NUM
  18. Make a donation to Cancer research UK
  19. Make a donation to Marie Curie 
  20. Make a donation to THT
  21. Make a donation to Acting for others
  22. Make a donation to Art Fund
  23. Make a donation to Create Arts
  24. Make a donation to Shelter
  25. Make a donation to Talbot House
  26. Make a donation to RECLAIM
  27. Make a donation to Trauma AID UK
  28. Make a donation to Mustard Tree
  29. Make a donation to National Autistic Society
  30. Make a donation to Child Autism
If you include a screen shot of your donation in your enquiry for a date with me at any time during 2020 I will reduce the fee I ask for by 10% 

Here's to a fantastic 2020, may it be filled with adventure and a whole heap of fun.