A long hot summer deserves the best dates

It’s hot, it’s sticky and it’s draining. I can’t be the only one that finds summer in London hard work? Can I? on a personal level the heat implores me to spend my days being counterproductive and lounging in the nude (or bikini) in the pool or on the grass. Neither of these activities whilst relaxing are making the summer my kind of hot. Guessing from my name I’m sure you will have gathered I’mRead moreRead more

Another year older, time for a change.

As we come to a close on another turn around the sun I get to share with you all what I’ve been working on. Ever since Madeleine grew into existence I’ve wanted to give myself a home. A place that fully encapsulates who I am and where I am going. My touring days have come to an end but a new chapter has opened up. It’s with great joy I can finally call myself aRead moreRead more